Girls Gown in Bulk

peach jacquard girls gown
SKU - 17399
INR 1,849
peach jacquard girls ...
Top Jacquard
maroon cotton silk girls gown
SKU - 17400
INR 1,849
maroon cotton silk g ...
Top Ctton Silk
pista jacquard girls gown
SKU - 17401
INR 1,849
pista jacquard girls ...
Top Jacquard
green silk girls gown
SKU - 17402
INR 1,849
green silk girls gow ...
Top Paper Silk
pink silk girls gown
SKU - 17403
INR 1,849
pink silk girls gown ...
Top Silk Gown
green jacquard girls gown
SKU - 17405
INR 1,849
green jacquard girls ...
Top Jacquard
gray silk girls gown
SKU - 17406
INR 1,849
gray silk girls gown ...
Top Silk Gown With Embellishment Work
orange silk girls gown
SKU - 17407
INR 1,849
orange silk girls go ...
Top Silk Gown
Bottom Silk
navy blue girls gown
SKU - 17408
INR 1,849
navy blue girls gown ...
Top Silk Gown
Bottom Jaqurad

Catalog No. : 2286

INR 16,641
Top: Silk Gown With Embellishment Work, Bottom: Jaqurad
Category Description
  • Do not use bleach or harsh detergents.
  • Machine wash is not advisable for this product.
  • Wash it using hands and dry it in shadow, as the hot sun may scorch the fabric dye used.
  • Always take appropriate care of the designer attires, as delicate fabrics are used.